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Quarantine Made Me Do It

Updated: May 7, 2021

By Liz Choppy (Phi Sigma Sigma)

As miserable as this past year of online classes and limited social gatherings has been for students at the University of Delaware, it has brought out creativity in young women of the Panhellenic community. In light of the pandemic, quarantine has inspired many of these women to try new things they wouldn’t have done otherwise. Personally, I always tend to look on the positive side of situations, so I encourage those around me to do so as well. This optimism led me to become interested in learning about the wholesome hobbies and activities that my peers engaged in during such an unpleasant time. I spoke to many women and received responses from all different chapters of the Panhellenic community here at UD. I hope that at least one story below sparks inspiration in each of my readers.

Sabrina Schipper (Pi Beta Phi)

Sabrina has always wanted to start her own business, being a marketing major with a passion for art. The combination of being stuck at home and her family’s unconditional support gave Sabrina the final push to open up her own Etsy shop. Sabrina sells trendy stickers, dangly earrings, and plans to eventually add crewnecks. All proceeds from her heart earrings are donated to the GoFundMe page for her friend’s brothers' heart treatment. She uses TikTok to promote her shop and the touching cause it supports. Believe it or not, Sabrina received 120 sales in just one weekend from a video that went viral! Check out her shop below!

Emily McKenna (Phi Sigma Sigma)

Emily took the time to do a full reset and develop sustainable healthy habits that she would’ve justified being ‘too busy for’ if it had not been for the time off. “Journaling became a huge part of, and still is a big part of my life, and is something I think is completely life changing.” Additionally, Emily began running out of desire rather than obligation, which opened up a great, healthy relationship with the stress relieving activity. “I run because I simply love it!”

Siera Troiano (Chi Omega)

“I went on so many hikes! I’m normally not an outdoorsy person, but now I love it. I definitely wouldn’t have gone on so many hikes if it wasn’t for quarantine!”

Abby Reifenheiser (Pi Beta Phi)

Quarantine encouraged Abby to break out her old sewing kit! She took all of her old t-shirts and either bleach-dyed or tye-dyed them. She then turned them into crop tops using her sewing machine!

Stefanie Chow (Chi Omega)

Stefanie started exploring the world of digital art. She found an app that allows her to design and customize virtual cards for her loved ones. “I started sending those to friends when it was their birthday or even when I just missed them but couldn’t see them because of the pandemic!” Despite not always being able to see those closest to her, her virtual designs have helped her bridge the gap.

Adriana Gigliotti (Pi Beta Phi)

Adriana focused on improving her mental health during quarantine by going on walks with her dog and reading as much as possible. “I also tried to improve my physical health by exercising and making sure to move everyday as much as possible!”

Paige Malone (Alpha Sigma Alpha)

During quarantine, Paige started cooking and baking a lot more. She has always been interested in cooking, but this was the first time she had the opportunity to try new recipes. “I got really into trying to make healthy meals and desserts.” Paige’s biggest tip is to get an air fryer. She got one at the beginning of quarantine and says it makes cooking fast and easy. There are so many fun recipes Paige has made already and she’s excited to try even more! Paige highly recommends the buffalo cauliflower bites recipe found below.

Liz Wickes (Pi Beta Phi)

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle became a new priority for Liz during quarantine. Before, she never had the time to truly focus on herself and improve her habits. Specifically, she started eating healthier, expanding her palate, working out, and staying active each day. “This made me feel so much stronger and confident in myself!” Liz also got to spend quality time with her family. They started having game nights and eating dinner together, which time didn’t allow before going into lockdown. Liz has maintained a positive outlook throughout quarantine and is incredibly grateful for the extra time she got with her loved ones. “It made us even closer than before.” Liz is looking forward to continuing these uplifting activities in the summer and even when the pandemic finally ends. “I know Covid has impacted so many for the worst, but during this hard time I found so much joy in focusing on the positives!”

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