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Formal Recruitment 2024 Important Dates 

February 1: Registration Closes 12:00pm EST (noon)

February 6: Recruitment Orientation

February 9-10: Values Round

February 11: Philanthropy Round

February 16-17: Sisterhood Round

February 18: Preference Round

February 19: Bid Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register to participate in Formal Recruitment? If so, when and how?

Yes, you must register online so that Panhellenic can collect your information for our chapters and you can be assigned a Rho Gamma group. Formal Recruitment is by far the best way to meet each sorority and find your best place in Greek life. Registration for formal recruitment will close on February 1 at 12:00 PM (Noon). You can register via this link:


What is a legacy? If I am one, am I guaranteed a bid?

A legacy is typically defined as the sister, daughter, or granddaughter of a woman already initiated into a National Panhellenic Conference sorority. Thus, if your mother, sister, or grandmother is a member of any of our chapters, you are considered a legacy to that organization. Make sure to include this information when you register for recruitment, as some sororities give some special consideration to legacies, but no sorority guarantees a bid to a legacy. If you have any questions check with the certain national organization for more information about their specific legacy policy.


What do I wear for each round of recruitment?

For Values round you will be given a formal recruitment t-shirt, jeans, boots or other comfortable shoes, no watches or heavy jewelry.

For Philanthropy round you will wear the same as values round. You can wear different shoes if you please.

For Sisterhood round you will wear the same as values and philanthropy rounds.

For Preference round you will wear a tasteful dress, what you would wear to a nice brunch. You may wear heels and simple jewelry.

Upon registration, you will receive a visual lookbook!


What is a Rho Gamma?

A Rho Gamma is an older member of the Panhellenic community who will serve as a guide and resource to women going through the formal recruitment process. Each woman who registers for formal recruitment will be placed into a recruitment group with either 3 or 4 Rho Gammas. The Rho Gammas do not participate in their own sorority’s recruitment process, but instead will spend formal recruitment assisting PNMs with their recruitment process until Bid Day when they reveal their chapters at Rho Gamma reveal.

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