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Sisters and Self-Care

Sisters and Self Care

By Kree Lowe

Kappa Alpha Theta

The current state of the world has taken a toll on the mental health of our friends, family, and fellow sisters. This is mostly by some extreme stress. Between being online for classes, home with younger siblings, and concerned for the health and safety of everyone around you, it can make it difficult to take time to focus on yourself. Yet, in order to stay your amazing self you have to. So, here are some of my personal favorite tips and tricks to focus on myself when I’m my last priority…

☼ Start your day off right ☼

In order to start your day off right, you have to get a good night’s rest. As college students, we should be getting a MINIMUM of 8 hours of sleep per night, but as finals come and go that’s rarely the case. So, get AS MUCH sleep as you can and when you wake up make sure to drink some water! Being dehydrated can make you sleepy and unfocused. Hydration is key in keeping up with the day. It helps keep your body running. It will overall make you feel better.

☽ Positive Affirmations and Gratitude ☾

As silly as it sounds to stare yourself in the face and compliment how you look, how you’re dressed, or what you’ve accomplished; it can have a crazy positive impact on how you view the rest of your day. My personal go-to for positive affirmations and gratitude is a journal. Everyday I write down things that I have accomplished or felt grateful for and it helps me recognize the good things on a day where it felt like nothing went right. During the pandemic, with so many daily changes, it’s not uncommon that we have days where we feel like everything is against us. With activities such as journaling or any other way to share positive affirmations with yourself, I guarantee that you can find a positive take away!

(HINT: Dogs! I’m always grateful to see a dog when I’m away from mine.)

★ Meditation ☆

I know... it can sound silly or be awkward, I was super suspicious about it at first too. However, I can safely say that I would not have survived this semester without it. I use the app Headspace and girl, it really works! It helps me to wind down when I feel super anxious or stressed over something that I have no control over, and puts me back in my zen. Click Here to see some tips from Headspace themselves!

✈ Cancelling Plans is OKAY. ✈

Cancelling plans is one of those things where people feel guilty, but sometimes it’s just what you need. A night to yourself; to just watch Netflix, take a bubble bath or a hot shower, paint, anything like that! Do what you find stress-relieving and what helps you get out of “work mode”. I know cancelling plans can make you feel like a bad friend, but it’s okay to put yourself first sometimes . Everyone needs “me-time” and there’s no shame in that.

♫ Music ♫

If this list was in a particular order, this would probably be my #1. Music is key to setting the vibes around you. Calm or upbeat music can increase the amount of dopamine released by your body and increase productivity. Even if you’re not a major music listener, just go outside and listen to the world around you. The birds, the wind, people chattering, bikes, anything that can help you stay mindful of what’s around you, it’ll help center you.

♚ Spa Night ♚

Take a night to yourself. Draw a bath with a soothing bath bomb, listen to some peaceful music, do a face mask, put on some comfy PJs and just chill. Take the night to focus on physical self care, and do everything those beauty gurus do on TikTok. Make the night all about you and make yourself feel relaxed as if you’re at the spa.

~ Here are some links to my personal fav spa night products ;) ~

I could go on forever and ever about ways to center yourself, find your peace, and keep up on mental health, but honestly, it’s different for everyone. Everyone has their own preferences of what they like and know what can help them keep their positivity. Just find what works for you. Here are two websites that can help you find what may work for you!


Oh! And here’s a quiz to help narrow down your list of self care ideas!!☺

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