Chapter: Alpha Xi Delta- ΑΞΔ
Values: Sisterhood, Leadership, Knowledge, Service to our community
Philanthropy: Kindly Hearts
Colors: Double Blue and Gold
Founded at UD in: 1989

Chapter Website:
Chapter Instagram: @udalphaxi

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Involvement: The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta host an annual 5K at UD to raise money for Autism Speaks, as well as volunteer at one in Philadelphia. The AXiD sisters host a "Xiti Night" at their chapter house, which is an all-you-can-eat pasta night, with all of the proceeds going to Autism Speaks. These sisters also host "Football FrenXi", a football tournament played by both sororities and fraternities. Each winning fraternity and sorority receives a portion of the proceeds toward their philanthropy.

Sisterhood: The Alpha Xi Delta sisters are proud to be part of an organization of individuality and authenticity. The individuality of each sister, along with the talents and interests she contributes, helps make this sorority's strong sisterhood. They are a fun, diverse group of women with a common bond- a love for Alpha Xi Delta. They are a sisterhood of caring, intelligent, and extraordinary women who, together, make up a remarkable organization that helps fund charitable causes and prides itself on friendship, loyalty, and dedication.

Words from the Chapter President: "It's hard for me to explain how thankful I am for being able to be apart of and lead such an amazing group of women. The women in this chapter have accepted me with all my flaws and inspired me to become the women that I am today. I hope that every one is able to find a group of people that make them feel as loved and accepted as my sisters have made me feel."

Emily Molczan, Chapter President



"Axid has been one of the best experiences I have had in college. All the girls in this chapter are genuine, kinda hearted, smart, intelligent women who push me to be the best version of myself. Even though covid has made being together challenging, we have all been able to connect virtually whether that be trivia night or just occasional zooms to catch up! Right before covid, our chapter when to Rehoboth, Delaware for our annual retreat where we all bonded, walked around the boardwalk, danced, and just got to be together! I am so lucky to be apart of such an amazing community."

-Amanda Trattner, Panhellenic Delegate

"I love my chapter because of how unique every girl is. We all have something different and amazing to bring to the table, yet we also all couldn’t be more similar. Taking on a leadership role really scared me at first, I wanted to make sure I did an amazing job, but every single girl in my chapter created such a supportive, kind, and uplifting environment where I felt like I could do a great job and gained the confidence to do so. Everyone wants everyone to succeed and do their best. We are constantly supporting each other!! And that is something that makes me so proud to be in AXID!"

-Caroline Zidek, VP Philanthropy