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Chapter: Delta Delta Delta- ΔΔΔ
Values: Truth, Self Sacrifice, Friendship
Philanthropy: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue
Founded at UD in: 2018
Chapter Website:
Chapter Instagram: @udtridelta

Involvement: The Sisters of Delta Delta Delta host a philanthropy event called Sincerely Yours, where they write letters to family and friends, telling them about the benefits of donating to St. Jude. This is a yearly event that happens in the fall. A favorite sisterhood event is their annual retreat, even when virtual, the Tri Delta sisters all came together in order to bond and share stories about their Tri Delta experiences. This provides the opportunity for the all members to connect, regardless of age!

Sisterhood: The sisters of the Epsilon Upsilon chapter of Delta Delta Delta are a group of women who are all unique in their own way. Something that stands out about their sisterhood is the fact that theyall have different personalities, different majors, and different interests. However, when they come together as a group, it is the most loving, powerful, positive environment. "My favorite part about being in Tri Delta is the fact that I can see a sister walking down Main Street, and even if we don't know each other that well, we can still talk for hours and I feel so at home talking to any of my sisters." Tri Delta has created a supportive home for all its members and our sisters have created bonds that last a lifetime!

Words from the Chapter President: “I never envisioned myself joining a sorority, but it has been by far one of the best decisions I have ever made! Words cannot fully describe how much Tri Delta means to me, and how greatly it has impacted my college years. This chapter has provided endless and overwhelming amounts of support and love to me throughout my two years of membership, and has always felt like home. My sisters have only ever pushed me to be the best version of myself and step outside of my comfort zone. It is because of their encouragement that I have served as the Vice President of Community Relations, and now as the Collegiate Chapter President. It has been an honor to serve my chapter and give back to the people and organization that has given so much to me. Tri Delta has enriched my life to such a large degree and has helped shape me into the person I am today -- I would not be the leader, sister, and person I am today without the love of my Tri Delta sisters, and I can't wait to see what else the future holds for Tri Delta!”
-Theresa Callaghan, Chapter President


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“Tri Delta has not only given me some of my greatest friendships here at UD, but also a sense of purpose and drive for acts of service and kindness. Our philanthropy, St.Jude children’s research hospital, is a cause that is very near to my heart. Tri Delta’s partnership with St.Jude truly allows my sisters and I to be a part of something bigger ourselves. Since our partnership with this organization in 1999, we have nationally raised over $93 million toward childhood cancer research. This past summer I had the opportunity to attend the St.Jude celebration on the hospital’s campus in Memphis, TN. It was truly inspirational to see how all our fundraising efforts can directly make such a huge difference in someone’s life. I am so extremely proud to be a part of such a special organization. This chapters’ passion and love for St. Jude is one of the greatest gifts my sisters and I share together.”
- Ava Foster, VP Community Relations 

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