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Chapter: Delta Delta Delta- ΔΔΔ
Values: Truth, Self Sacrifice, Friendship
Philanthropy: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue
Founded at UD in: 2018

Chapter Website:
Chapter Instagram: @udtridelta

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Involvement: The Sisters of Delta Delta Delta host a philanthropy event called Sincerely Yours, where they write letters to family and friends, telling them about the benefits of donating to St. Jude. This is a yearly event that happens in the fall. A favorite sisterhood event is their annual retreat, even when virtual, the Tri Delta sisters all came together in order to bond and share stories about their Tri Delta experiences. This provides the opportunity for the all members to connect, regardless of age!

Sisterhood: The sisters of the Epsilon Upsilon chapter of Delta Delta Delta are a group of women who are all unique in their own way. Something that stands out about their sisterhood is the fact that theyall have different personalities, different majors, and different interests. However, when they come together as a group, it is the most loving, powerful, positive environment. "My favorite part about being in Tri Delta is the fact that I can see a sister walking down Main Street, and even if we don't know each other that well, we can still talk for hours and I feel so at home talking to any of my sisters." Tri Delta has created a supportive home for all its members and our sisters have created bonds that last a lifetime!

Words from the Chapter President: “When I first joined Tri Delta, I was not the same person I am today. I felt my confidence grow and I made amazing bonds with people that I now consider to be my best friends and sisters for life. Serving as the previous Vice President of Membership Experience, I learned a tremendous amount about myself in many different ways, and that is because of the impact Tri Delta and its members have had on me. Now that I am serving as the President of such an amazing group such as Tri Delta, it is truly a blessing and an honor. Tri Delta has brought out the absolute best of myself and has allowed me to grow as a person, friend, sister, and leader. I am so grateful for all the opportunities that Tri Delta has brought to me. I am excited to lead this chapter and to make the same long lasting impacts on my sisters as they did on me. I feel optimistic and excited to see what the future brings to Tri Delta.”
- Carlie Baatz, Chapter President 


“Tri Delta means so so much to me. Every day I realize something new or find another way in which Tri Delta has impacted my life. When I have exciting news I find that the first person I tell is a sister. When I need a friend I again find myself looking to my sisters. I have never truly felt so genuinely accepted for who I am. I also love Tri Delta because they don’t allow me to be complacent. My sisters are constantly pushing me to be the best version of myself. Because of this I have had the amazing opportunity to serve as both Director of Recruitment Events and now Vice President of Membership Experience. I am so lucky to call Tri Delta home.” -- Emili Rutkowski, Vice President of Membership Experience

“One of the best decisions I have made during my time in college was rushing and joining Tri Delta. I immediately felt at home after experiencing my sisters’ immense and growing love for St. Jude and seeing the tight bonds held between each other. My sisters have always pushed me to become the best version of myself--leading me first to serve on various committees within the sorority, and now to serve as the Vice President of Community Relations. I am honored to be a Tri Delta, and have made so many wonderful and cherished memories already during my first year of membership. I’m so excited to experience all that the future holds for me in Tri Delta!”
- Theresa Callaghan, Vice President of Community Relations

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