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Chapter: Chi Omega- ΧΩ
Values: Friendship, Scholarship, Community Service, Campus activities, Career and Personal Development, and High Standards of Personnel
Philanthropies: Make-A-Wish Foundation & Exceptional Care for Children
Colors: Cardinal and Straw
Founded at UD in: 1988
Chapter Website:
Chapter Instagram: @udchiomega

Involvement: The sisters of Chi Omega are very involved with their philanthropies, Make-A-Wish (National) and Exceptional Care for Children (local). These sisters have held Netflix Parties, and prior to Covid a drive-by Halloween Parade for Exceptional Care for Children. They also held a drive-by Wish Parade for 17-year-old Eddie, and granted his wish to get an X-Box. These women decorated their cars and made Eddie a basket of goodies. The Chi O sisters host Wish Week each year, which includes events like ChiHop where sisters made pancakes and dropped them off all around campus, Waggin' for Wishes where these women brought dogs for students to pet and play with, and a Parent's Brunch with raffles, all in order to raise money toward their philanthropies. The Chi Omega chapter has adapted to virtual fundraisers such as bingo boards for social media, a Pura Vida bracelet sale, and selling T-shirts.

Sisterhood: Being a Chi Omega means being a passionate, strong-willed, and sincere woman. Being in Chi Omega means there will always be a shoulder to cry on, always having a support system, and always feeling like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. The women of Chi O motivate one another to be the best versions of themselves, and to accomplish their dreams. Chi Omega is a group 
of intelligent, and confident women who are all unique in their own way. Chi Omega emphasizes inclusivity and promotes sisters in being well-rounded members of the UD community.

Words from the Chapter President: "To be welcomed into this sorority with open arms as a freshman was something I dreamed of. To be able to grow into myself through every single aspect of this sorority was something I never realized was possible. I can confidently say the amount of care and effort I put into my role as a leader here stems from my perpetual gratitude and passion for this sorority, its mission, and the women a part of it. I have grown incredibly confident and comfortable in myself as a young woman, sister, friend, leader, and student. I constantly think back to when I received my bid as a freshman, and I am filled with joy reflecting on the journey I would be soon to take. Chi Omega has gifted me some of the most invaluable life lessons and experiences throughout my time in college, and the growth I’ve made through them is something I will forever cherish."
-Emily Fitzgerald, Chapter President 


"Being in this chapter has allowed me to take part in events and fundraisers that support a cause significant to my family and so many others around me. Chi Omega has provided me with many opportunities to give back to both the local community, as well as children and families across the nation. With both of our philanthropies, Make a Wish and Exceptional Care for Children, my sisters and I are able to see the impact that we make on people’s lives as well as the change we create for a cause that is bigger than just ourselves. I am so beyond grateful to be in a chapter in which it is our mission to help those around us and where people, like me, are able to grow into themselves and take on leadership positions they never dreamed possible."
-Tayor Porcelli, Philanthropy Chair

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