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Chapter: Alpha Delta Pi- ΑΔΠ
Values: Scholarship, Leadership, Service to others, & Sisterhood
Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House
Colors: Azure Blue and White
Founded at UD in: 2008

Chapter Website:
Chapter Instagram: @udadpi


Involvement: The sisters of Alpha Delta Pi spend a lot of time hanging out with their B+ Hero, Drew, by going on fishing trips, playing Among Us, attending cooking classes, and hosting movie nights with him. The sisters host a Lipsyc Battle for their philanthropy every year, where the chapter with the best lipsync routine wins the proceeds to their philanthropy. They also host a Fall Fest for their philanthropy at Milburn Ochards. In addition, these women strive to attend every other chapter's philanthropy events as well. The ADPI sisters bond over sisterhood events like yoga/HIIT classes, trivia nights, holiday card exchanges, paint nights, Zumba classes, and more.

Sisterhood: The Alpha Delta Pi sisterhood is described as geniune, supportive, and close knit. The ADPI sisters are always willing to help one another, as well as challenge each other to be the best versions of themselves. Having sisters in ADPI makes UD's campus feel so much smaller and provides a true sense of community.

Words from the Chapter President: “I’m so grateful to be a leader of the Theta Delta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at UD. ADPi is truly a group of women who support and empower each other every day. I am so proud to be part of this community of women who are so genuine, caring, and charismatic that make this campus feel like home”
-Ally Ewing, Chapter President

Heading 1


"As a freshman at UD I felt like I still hadn’t really found my place at school yet. I was friendly with people but felt like I was missing out on those super close relationships I once had. I was eager to rush and could not stop thinking about ADPi because they were so genuine and welcoming. I really felt like they cared about me even though they had just met me. I came from a very small all girls high school and UD was bigger than I remembered. After joining ADPi campus feels so much more homier to me and seeing sisters throughout the day is something I always looks forward to. Being a member of this chapter has without a doubt made my college experience what it is. It has given me friends that will last a lifetime and the opportunity to completely be myself all the time. From the moment I walked through ADPi’s doors I knew that I was home."

-Julia Forest, VP of Finance

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