Sigma Kappa 

Words from the President:  

In high school, I told myself that I'd never join a sorority - that it wasn't for me. Had I not gone through recruitment and accepted my bid, my college experience would be missing a piece that could only ever be filled by the unforgettable people that I've met through my chapter. I owe my personal growth to Sigma Kappa and the sisters who saw a presidential position in me when I never saw it in myself. To my beautiful sisters, thank you for believing in me.​

Words from the Philanthropy Chair:

Being a Sigma Kappa means having a love and devotion to service. We are lucky to have not just one philanthropy, but five philanthropies! Throughout the year we raise money for the Sigma Kappa Foundation which raises money for academic scholarships, service initiatives, and leadership grants. We are always trying to better the environment by doing service projects for our philanthropy Inherit the Earth, which focuses on environmental awareness. Every Spring, we give back to the community by hosting clean ups or other environmental service projects. Gerontology is another philanthropy of ours that we hold close to our hearts. Monthly, you can catch our sisters heading to local nursing homes to volunteer with the elderly. In the Fall, we fundraise for the Maine Sea Coast Mission in order to give clothing and supplies to a remote area of Maine. And lastly, our main philanthropy is the Alzheimer’s Association. Each October, we fundraise and participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. As of 2019, we were the second leading fundraising team!

Colors: Lavender and Maroon

Symbol: Heart

Philanthropy: Alzheimer's Disease and Gerontology

Flower: Wild Purple Violet


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