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Care for a Skull Shirt

Shirts made of high quality materials, including skulls, require careful care to stay in good condition. Do not use bleach to clean your skull shirt. However, you can use a spot bleach treatment to refresh white areas of the shirt. Alternatively, dry clean your skull shirt. This way, you can enjoy a long-lasting shirt.

First, pay attention to the fit. Skull shirts usually come in three different sizes, so make sure that you choose the correct size. Your shirt will not look good if it doesn't fit properly. For instance, a classic fit shirt is more comfortable than a slim fit, and it is best for people with larger frames.

Another option is to choose a skull shirt with a solid color. For example, a baby blue skull shirt with a navy blue lining and white skulls is fun. The contrast between the colors makes it more fun to wear. In a more formal environment, you might consider keeping the sleeves rolled up. Alternatively, you can wear a collared shirt with your skull shirt.



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