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The long-awaited revival of the cult comedy Lady Oscar is headed to London's West End next week. It should have been a classic family occasion, but it's transformed into something rather different. Is it actually about the 'hurtful side' of memories? Lady Oscar is the story of Oscar, a teenager brought up in a world of illusion. He is a man of perfect innocence until his father passes away and, in the hope of being more popular, Oscar becomes the family man. The West End production, directed by Jon Draper, has put a new spin on the characters and the title of the musical, giving it a slightly "darker" feel. "The new book, in the hope of making it a more adult show, has given it an edge," says Lucy Musgrave. "We've added some new scenes, but the heart of the show is still the same. It's a great story and it's a really strong family show." Musgrave, who co-stars as Oscar's mother, says that although the musical has "a funny side", there is also a "sad" side to it, as well as moments of "black humour". "As a new musical, I think it's a bit dark, because it's a young boy's world, in a way," she says. "There is so much of this world around us, and I think children like to be reminded of that sometimes. It's a very good family show, although it's not like a Disney story. If you're eight or nine years old, you can still get a lot of the jokes. It's a little bit embarrassing, as a parent, to tell your child that these things happen. The parents are laughing at the whole thing. It's quite dark, but it's still the same story we've been following since we started the original production." Musgrave plays Oscar's mother, but she is also his principal lady-in-waiting. "I'm a little bit of both," she says. "My name is in the title, but it's more the playwright's. I play the woman who is loyal to Oscar's father and who has to deal with this man's death and pass on the gossip to Oscar. I play his mother in a way and I also play his mother-in-law. I'm the one who calls up and tells Oscar's wife that her husband has died. I'm a bit of a liar




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Lovestruck The Musical 2013 720p Web Dl Dd5 1 H264 Bs.rar [2022-Latest]

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