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Chapter: Pi Beta Phi- ΠΒΦ

Values:  Integrity, Lifelong Commitment, Honor and Respect, Personal and Intellectual Growth, Philanthropic Service to Others and Sincere Friendship

Philanthropy: Read > Lead > Achieve

Colors: Wine and Silver Blue

Founded at UD in: 2016

Chapter Website:

Chapter Instagram: @udpiphi

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Involvement: The sisters of Pi Beta Phi have a program called Champions are Readers (CAR), where every Friday sisterss carpool to local schools and read to children, to help them begin to learn how to read themselves. The Pi Phi sisters also host SurPHIvor, a mini-game philanthropy event where all Greek Life chapters compete to figure out who is the SurPHIvor. These women also host a volleyball tournament called Arrow spike to raise money for the Pi Beta Phi Foundation, open for all chapters to participate. The sisters of Pi Phi also set up Lemonade for Literacy, where they set up a Lemonade stand and put the proceeds toward buying books for students who need them through the Pi Beta Phi Foundation, and Lollipops for Literacy, where sisters hand our lollipops with facts about literacy to help spread awareness of illiteracy within the USA. The Pi Phi women also have accomodated to the virtual time period with virtual philanthropy events, such as Bingo and Trivia Night.

Sisterhood: This Pi Beta Phi chapter is special because of its extremely strong sisterhood. Sisters of Pi Phi can always reach out to any other sister in the chapter, and will always be welcomed with open arms, and supported with Pi Phi Love. These sisters are all super friendly, funny, and accepting women, who cherish their sisterhood beyond anything else. Every event, serious or not, ends up being a blast with the hilarious and fun-loving personalities in this chapter, where everyone can be their true selves. Their bonds are for life, and this is where they all meet their future bridesmaids and forever friends.

Words from the Chapter President: “There are so many reasons why I love pi phi, but to sum it up in one sentence, it would be that pi phi has become my home away from home. I have found my best friends that I know will be by my side for life, and the opportunities that have presented themselves through pi phi is incomparable. Being President of a group of such determined, empowered, kind women is an absolute honor, and I am so thankful for everything Pi Phi has brought to me during my years at UD so far!”
- Julia Spencer, Chapter President

"My chapter has given me an amazing group of girls that I get to call my Pham! They are truly my support system and I do not know what I would do without them! I’ve become a better person through the connections I have formed with my gbig, big, aunt, cousin, and my little! We text everyday and I love being able to go to them for anything, whether it’s a mental health struggle or which shirt I should wear that day. PPLAM!"
-Sarina Simpson, VP of Inclusion

“I love pi phi because of all the genuine people I’ve met and become close to in such a short time. I found people that I can be myself with. Being a part of pi phi has given me so many opportunities to be involved in the greek and local community through events like CAR (my favorite event), and has even given me the opportunity to take on a leadership role!”
-Jillian Wright, Director of Service and Philanthropy

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