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Chapter: Phi Sigma Sigma- ΦΣΣ

Values: Friendship, Faith, Love, Sincerity, Integrity & Strength

Philanthropy: Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation & Kids in Need Foundation

Colors: King Blue and Gold

Founded at UD in: 2013

Chapter Website:

Chapter Instagram: @udphisig


Involvement: The sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma host "Phi Sig Feud", where sororities' and fraternities' big/little pairs are quizzed on how well they know each other. All of the proceeds go to the Kids in Need Foundation. The women of Phi Sig also host "Phi Sig Phield Day", where sororities and fraternities participate in field day events, and all of the proceeds also go to the Kids in Need Foundation. The Phi Sig sisters also have an Aim High Week that features events like Pie a Phi, where sisters are pied for money donated to Udance and the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, Grilled cheese deliveries, where sisters hand deliver grilled cheese sandwiches across campus to raise money for their philanthropies, and school supply drives to collect school supplies to donate to schools in low-income areas.

Sisterhood: The Delta Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma are a remarkable group of women who are dedicated to philanthropic, academic, and social excellence. These members are extremely involved on campus by participating in numerous clubs from Women in Business to Club Soccer, and ranging in all different majors from Nursing to Elementary Education. Brigid Nolty, who is a dedicated sister says: "My favorite thing about being in Phi Sig is all the friendships I have made. I’ve met such an amazing group of girls who have been by my side since bid day and I am so happy Phi Sig brought me to them. Our chapter is filled with girls who radiate positivity, kindness and who inspire each other everyday which is why I love being apart of Phi Sig!!" Phi Sig has become a home away from home for its members and provides a network of friendships that last a lifetime!

Words from the Chapter President: "Joining Phi Sigma Sigma has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had at UD. After serving on our executive board for 2 years, especially as Chapter President, I have constantly been supported by my sisters, which helped me develop into the strong, confident leader I am today. The relationships I have formed through this organization have been the most genuine and true friendships I have ever had and I am thankful I can constantly be inspired by such amazing women."
-Noelle Murgida, Chapter President

"I chose Phi Sigma Sigma during formal recruitment two years ago because I could actually feel how much sisterhood meant to them after talking to many of the sisters. I really felt the love and how comfortable each sister made me feel when I was in the room! After joining Phi Sig, my GBig convinced me into applying for an Executive Board position. Running for Membership Recruitment Chairman has been the best decision I could have ever made for myself. Since holding this position the confidence I have for myself has grown significantly. I will be forever thankful for the lifelong friendships and incredible experience that Phi Sig has given me!"
-Ella Messick, Membership Recruitment Chairman

"Going Phi Sig was the best choice for me, it has brought me the most amazing girls and some of my best friends! Our groupme is constantly blowing up by girls supporting eachother, hyping eachother up, or just messing around and laughing!"
-Renae Taylor, Sunshine Chair

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