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Chapter: Gamma Phi Beta- ΓΦΒ

Values: Love, labor, learning and loyalty

Philanthropy: Building Strong Girls and Girls on the Run

Colors: Pink, Brown, and Mode

Founded at UD in: 2010

Chapter Website:

Chapter Instagram: @gammaphiud


Involvement: The sisters of Gamma Phi Beta attend weekly Girl on the Run practices to encourage strength, positivity, and confidence, as well as to run or cheer on the girls running at the end of the year. One night a year, the sisters serve unlimited spaghetti to fundraise for Girls on the Run, and call it Spagammi! Gamma Phi Beta pairs up with Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity to play games with watermelons on the Harrington Turf, often ending with smashed watermelons and everyone covered in fruit. Another day of the year, Gamma Phi Beta heads back to the Harrington Beach to host an all-day beach volleyball tournament open to all Greek Life Organizations, and any other UD Students to raise money for Girls on the Run.

Sisterhood: The sisterhood of Gamma Phi Beta is special because of their openness, cohesiveness, and focus on wellness. Through chapter meetings oriented toward team-bonding, interactive sisterhood events, and fireside chats, the sisters of Gamma Phi Beta have created an environment where everyone is approachable, and no one gets behind. “We truly are a family,” says Chapter President, Anna Sargent

Words from the Chapter President: "Gamma Phi Beta has given me my absolute best friends and has easily been the best part of my college experience. The women in this chapter truly love one another and are there for each other no matter what. Gamma Phi Beta prides itself on our four core values of love, labor, learning, and loyalty and the women in this chapter have truly changed my life for the better.”
-Becca D'Egidio, Chapter President

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"Going through the recruitment process my freshman year, I felt a strong pull towards GPhi
specifically because of this philanthropy, and how truly important I think it is for girls of any age to have a strong support system of other women. I am eternally grateful that I get to play a part in supporting this beautiful organization, and that my and my sisters’ efforts are making a genuine impact on the lives of young girls within our community. Girls on the Run fosters an environment of confidence and empowerment, something that every girl and woman deserves, and something that I have been lucky enough to find every day within my sisters and this chapter."

-Anna Gleason, Philanthropy Chair

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