Gamma Phi Beta

Words from the President:

Gamma Phi Beta is a place that I call home! It’s given me life long friends and an amazing support system. Every member fully embodies our open motto “Founded Upon A Rock” by being a true and constant friend to every sister. Each woman in this chapter is filled with endless love which empowers every woman to be uniquely herself! Our strong sisterhood has given all of us memories that will last forever and a bond that is irreplaceable. When I look back on college, Gamma Phi is going to be what I remember. It’s truly an honor to be able to lead a chapter of spectacular women whom I’m proud to call my sisters! ​​

Words from the Philanthropy Chair:

Girls on the Run is an amazing national organization in which we look at as more than training for a 5k. We help teach young girls the valuable life lessons of teamwork, women empowerment, self-confidence, and how to support those around them. The program encourages girls to self-love and creates lifelong friendships. Through GOTR these girls learn how to make an impact on the world and give back to the communities around them, lessons that are so precious and valuable. It is an honor as women of Gamma Phi Beta to have the opportunity to work with such an inspiring program.

Colors: Pink, Brown, and Mode

Symbol: Crescent Moon

Philanthropy: Building Strong Girls and Girls on the Run

Flower: Pink Carnation


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