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Chapter: Gamma Phi Beta- ΓΦΒ
Values: Love, labor, learning and loyalty
Philanthropy: Building Strong Girls and Girls on the Run
Colors: Pink, Brown, and Mode
Founded at UD in: 2010
Chapter Website:
Chapter Instagram: @gammaphiud

Involvement: The sisters of Gamma Phi Beta attend weekly Girl on the Run practices to encourage strength, positivity, and confidence, as well as to run or cheer on the girls running at the end of the year. One night a year, the sisters serve unlimited spaghetti to fundraise for Girls on the Run, and call it Spagammi! Gamma Phi Beta pairs up with Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity to play games with watermelons on the Harrington Turf, often ending with smashed watermelons and everyone covered in fruit. Another day of the year, Gamma Phi Beta heads back to the Harrington Beach to host an all-day beach volleyball tournament open to all Greek Life Organizations, and any other UD Students to raise money for Girls on the Run.

Sisterhood: The sisterhood of Gamma Phi Beta is special because of their openness, cohesiveness, and focus on wellness. Through chapter meetings oriented toward team-bonding, interactive sisterhood events, and fireside chats, the sisters of Gamma Phi Beta have created an environment where everyone is approachable, and no one gets behind. 

Words from the Chapter President: "When recruitment first started, I instantly fell in love with GPhi. Not only did I absolutely adore the women in this chapter, I loved everything it stood for. The philanthropy being all about supporting women, the obvious sisterhood, and the positivity that radiated from every member of the sorority drew me in. Coming to this school knowing no one, and finding women who understood me and made me feel seen was an incredible feeling. Everyday I am amazed by my sisters and how they show their individuality and kindness. I know I can count on each and every one of them to pick me up when I am down. They have not only made campus feel more like home, they have also given me the strength and inspiration to go after the things I want. I have made friends in this chapter that will be with me forever. I am eternally grateful for GPhi and all it has brought to me. My biggest piece of advice is to be yourself. Wherever you land is where you are meant to be. Have confidence in yourself and absorb every moment of recruitment. It is a truly special experience that you only get once.
-Katie McFee, Chapter President

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"During my recruitment process, I was undeniably drawn to GPhi. Now, I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this amazing group of women where I can play a meaningful role in supporting wonderful philanthropic causes. 


GPhi's involvement with Girls on the Run is particularly inspiring. It creates an environment that fosters confidence and empowerment, values that every girl and woman deserves. Every day, I witness how my sisters and this chapter embody these principles, becoming role models for younger girls. The sisterhood within our chapter is unparalleled, with everyone uplifting each other and actively contributing to building strong, empowered girls."
-Ellery Bergman, Philanthropy Chair

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