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Chapter: Alpha Epsilon Phi- ΑΕΦ
Values: Exhibit high ideals and moral character, and continually exemplify the values of beauty, strength and wisdom as embodied by the three columns of our insignia
Philanthropies: Sharsheret and Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric
AIDS Foundation
Colors: Green and White
Founded at UD in: 1989

Chapter Website:
Chapter Instagram: @udaephi

Screenshot 2021-02-20 111450 - Barrie Be

Involvement: The sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi's favorite fall event is the ribbons on the runway. This is a pageant type event where different teams create looks and walk down the runway! This event is hosted in October and the proceeds go to their philanthropy Sharsheret, which helps women with breast cancer. Another event that the AEPHI sisters love is their annual retreat. This is a day filled with bonding events, which really connects the sisters as an entire chapter. And the beloved paddle pass occurs at this event!

Sisterhood: The phams of AEPhi really define their sisterhood. Each phamily is extremely close, and loves showing off their custom sweatshirts with different patterns on the AEPhi letters. Even when sisters have graduated, every year they love coming back and seeing the newest addition to their lineage. The best pictures are the 7 person long chains starting from the gggbig going all the way down to the little.

Words from the Chapter President: "The Phi Chi Chapter of AEPhi at the University of Delaware has truly transformed my college experience. Being president of this chapter, I continue to be blown away by our close knit sisterhood, philanthropic efforts, and our amazing leadership. The sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi strive to improve the community in which we are apart. Being a part of AEPhi has given me my best friends who inspire and challenge me to be the greatest version of myself. I’ve never felt more comfortable, empowered, and supported than I do here at AEPhi.  I'm eternally grateful to be a part of this strong sisterhood that has given me the most amazing memories and opportunities. I'm proud to have found my home, Alpha Epsilon Phi."
-Mikayla Adelson, Chapter President


"Volunteering and giving back to the community has always been an important part of my life and since joining AEPhi I have been able to connect those ideas with my sisters and AEPhi’s values to raise money and awareness for our philanthropies. Being able to get involved with AEPhi’s two philanthropies – Sharsheret and EGPAF (Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation) – while creating so many special bonds with my sisters to help out these causes has been a rewarding experience. Through this chapter I have been able to see first hand the leadership and determination these girls have to support each other and causes near and dear to our hearts while also making lifelong memories and friendships through our fundraising efforts. I am so grateful for this experience and to have been able to meet my amazing sisters while spending time making a difference in this world with them."
-Sami Miller, VP Philanthropy

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